Thursday, February 25, 2010

Flats Buenos Aires, synonymous with distinction and good taste

The increasing supply of apartments in Buenos Aires realize that many of the tourists choose to stay at exclusive flats in Buenos Aires, where comfort and luxury are commonplace. When we speak of flats, we mention everything related to housing units in height, ie different types of apartments located in buildings of different category and location. The large demand for this type of real estate has enabled a diversified offer to suit all tastes and needs. One of the most exclusive places in which concentrates an attractive selection of apartment rental Buenos Aires, is in the area of Puerto Madero, the most senior district of the city. In Puerto Madero, near the Obelisk, you can choose to stay at the Le Parc luxury building, where for an apartment for two people, with an incredible view of the city, has a rental cost of $ 200 per day and $ 2900 per month. Although more expensive and may climb to $ 6,000 per month. Moreover, you can also choose to rent an apartment with all amenities sophisticated on Avenida Alvear, the symbol of elegance, would be worth $ 140 or $ 700 weekly newspapers. It is worth clarifying that the rents for apartments in Buenos Aires congregate especially in areas of Recoleta, Palermo Soho, Belgrano and Puerto Madero, where you can find numerous and sophisticated units according to their tastes and preferences.


Jolly Mazumdar said...
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Jolly Mazumdar said...

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Summer said...

If you know nothing about renting temporary apartments. Doing some research is a good idea. There are a lot of thing to consider and so much offer in the market that you have to be aware of all the posibilities.
Last year, when I decided to rent my Furnished apartment in Buenos Aires it was because I had a friend who had gone through the same experience and said it was the best decision she had ever made. I highly recommend renting apartments!