Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Top 5 Island Destinations That You Should Not Miss

Islands are one of the best gifts of nature to holiday goers and since most of them are characterized by a laid back attitude towards life, they are perfect getaway options for taking a break from hectic work schedules. Our planet Earth has been blessed with many breath-taking and scenic islands and making a choice is indeed a difficult task. However, the following list of 5 has been compiled with the intention of rendering the job easier for any holiday enthusiast who wishes to spend a few days on an island –

Canary Islands – This chain of seven islands dotting the Atlantic Ocean off the coasts of Spain and Northwest Africa are a great choice for a holiday as in addition to a plethora of water related activities they offer a unique opportunity to understand evolution as well. Of the three main islands of Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote, it is Tenerife which is the biggest, most populated and the busiest of all while Gran Canaria is renowned for its beaches and outdoor hikes. Comparatively, Lanzarote is unique due to its lower temperatures, hidden natural delights and golden sandy beaches.

Mamanuca archipelago – Fiji’s most popular destination, these islands offer beaches extending endlessly in combination with banana boat rides, game fishing and para sailing. A few days spent here would be filled with enjoying the balmy tropical climate and exploring the coral reefs which are spread over the surrounding area. A holiday here is a wonderful opportunity to get acquainted with the traditional Fijian way of life as also go on hikes and treks along the many natural trails.

Caribbean Islands – Consisting of hundreds of islands of varying sizes, one of the best ways to embark on a tour is to charter a yacht and go island-hopping as in this way it is possible not to miss anything. Beautiful white beaches and turquoise waters are the first images which come to mind with regards to the Caribbean but a perfect vacation would be incomplete without indulging in shopping and gambling, undertaking hikes and enjoying the vibrant and spicy nightlife.

Maldives – Located in the Indian Ocean, Maldives have been aptly described as the treasure trove of ‘treasure trove of marine life’ because a holiday here would enable the tourist to observe more than 700 varieties of fish, corals, sea plants not to mention dolphins, whales and at least five different species of sharks. The wildlife on land is equally exciting as is a stay in one of the over-water bungalows constructed over clear and tranquil lagoons.

Mnemba Island – Off the coast of Zanzibar in Africa, this island is an ideal diving destination while untrained swimmers can try snorkeling in order to experience the overwhelming coral reefs. Some of the other activities which can be indulged in are kite surfing, wind surfing, big game fishing and sea kayaking.

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