Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Ever Thought about Visiting Morocco?

Morocco has lots to offer every tourist who visits. From a wide assortment of outdoor recreation opportunities, to diverse culture expressions, the rich history, food, and some of the most beautiful beaches and hotels make Morocco an unbeatable holiday destination. Whether you’re an adventure-lover or a sit-back and enjoy the beach type, Morocco presents numerous opportunities to have the time of your life and make lasting memories. Here is a list of things that you must do when you visit Morocco on your next vacation.

Visit Tanneries in Fes

Fes is one city in Morocco that is known throughout the world for its leather goods. Most of these products can be obtained from the huge leather bazaar present in old Fes. Tanneries have also been operating in the area for many centuries now, and not much has changed in their tanning methodology over time. Thus, it is quite fascinating to watch them in operation. Definitely an experience that cannot be found anywhere else. Tanneries can be viewed by entering one of the leather shops filled with jackets, slippers, and handbags. However, make sure to take along fresh mint sprigs as both animal hides as well as the pigeon poop used to treat them are extremely smelly!

Steam in Traditional Hammams

Hammams are public steam baths, which comprises one of the trademark experiences of Morocco. In the past, very few homes had private baths and everyone used to come to these Hammams to bathe and scrub. It offers a great opportunity to meet the local people of the country. These days, most luxury hotels and Riads offer upscale hammams, which offer a more Western style of scrubbing and massage, but with local products of Morocco.

Dine at Djemma el Fna

Djemma el Fna, also known as heart of Marrakech, is a huge central square situated in the fortified Medina (known as “the old city”). The Djemma turns into a entertainment paradise in the evening and is ideal for watching local talents such as jugglers, musicians, and snake charmers. The snack stalls present on the square turn into full-fledged restaurants offering local fare along with live entertainment and music.

Overnight in Sahara Desert

Spending few nights in the Sahara Desert in Morocco can be a fascinating experience. Most popular regions include Saharan Sanscape in Merzouga, situated just south of the city of Erfoud. You can recognize the Erg Chebbi dunes from the famous movies Sahara, Mummy, or SATC2. The best way to explore the desert is by a camel, though 4x4s are also quite popular.

Surf in Morocco

Morocco has been an attractive surfing destination for many tourists because of its huge Atlantic breakers. The winter months are considered to be the perfect time for surfing when the temperature and air remain quite mild. The most popular town for surfing is the Taghazoute, whereas Dakhla is more admired by kite-surfers.

Did I Mention The Atlas Mountains?
Atlas trekking is legendary! With the highest peak in Morocco, Mount Toubkal, rivaling those of the Swiss Alps or the American Rockies, you can engage the elements, climb, hike, or take scenic tours through the surrounding countryside, perhaps catching a few glimpses of ancient Berber villages that still teem with life even today. I guess I should point out that, in the winter, the Atlas Mountains boast some pretty great skiing as well!

Author Bio: Ethan S. writes on behalf of MoroccoTours.org, a Moroccan travel agency that will get you there, hook you up with lodging, and take you on the grand tour of your life!

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