Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Top 5 Island Destinations That You Should Not Miss

Islands are one of the best gifts of nature to holiday goers and since most of them are characterized by a laid back attitude towards life, they are perfect getaway options for taking a break from hectic work schedules. Our planet Earth has been blessed with many breath-taking and scenic islands and making a choice is indeed a difficult task. However, the following list of 5 has been compiled with the intention of rendering the job easier for any holiday enthusiast who wishes to spend a few days on an island –

Canary Islands – This chain of seven islands dotting the Atlantic Ocean off the coasts of Spain and Northwest Africa are a great choice for a holiday as in addition to a plethora of water related activities they offer a unique opportunity to understand evolution as well. Of the three main islands of Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote, it is Tenerife which is the biggest, most populated and the busiest of all while Gran Canaria is renowned for its beaches and outdoor hikes. Comparatively, Lanzarote is unique due to its lower temperatures, hidden natural delights and golden sandy beaches.

Mamanuca archipelago – Fiji’s most popular destination, these islands offer beaches extending endlessly in combination with banana boat rides, game fishing and para sailing. A few days spent here would be filled with enjoying the balmy tropical climate and exploring the coral reefs which are spread over the surrounding area. A holiday here is a wonderful opportunity to get acquainted with the traditional Fijian way of life as also go on hikes and treks along the many natural trails.

Caribbean Islands – Consisting of hundreds of islands of varying sizes, one of the best ways to embark on a tour is to charter a yacht and go island-hopping as in this way it is possible not to miss anything. Beautiful white beaches and turquoise waters are the first images which come to mind with regards to the Caribbean but a perfect vacation would be incomplete without indulging in shopping and gambling, undertaking hikes and enjoying the vibrant and spicy nightlife.

Maldives – Located in the Indian Ocean, Maldives have been aptly described as the treasure trove of ‘treasure trove of marine life’ because a holiday here would enable the tourist to observe more than 700 varieties of fish, corals, sea plants not to mention dolphins, whales and at least five different species of sharks. The wildlife on land is equally exciting as is a stay in one of the over-water bungalows constructed over clear and tranquil lagoons.

Mnemba Island – Off the coast of Zanzibar in Africa, this island is an ideal diving destination while untrained swimmers can try snorkeling in order to experience the overwhelming coral reefs. Some of the other activities which can be indulged in are kite surfing, wind surfing, big game fishing and sea kayaking.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Catch Direct Flights to Singapore

Singapore is quite a popular tourist hub, where people from across the world come to enjoy the numerous activities. Initially the place was founded as a British trading colony but in the year 1965 it has finally gained independence and started attracting more and more local and international tourists with its splendid beauty and a modern infrastructure. Though Singapore is an awesome place to spend your holiday but there is no need to think that you have to invest a lot of money to take a trip to this place.

From different places direct flights to Singapore remain available and you will be glad to know that most of these flight charges are nominal so that the passengers can expect to have nice journeys at the most affordable rates. Since it is safe to take the journey at any period of the year travelers can book those flights to Singapore almost at any time they want. While discussing about Singapore flights, it needs to be mentioned that Singapore is one among the few Asian cities, which offer a number of direct flights from a UK regional airport. Some of the places from where flights come to Singapore include Manchester, Gatwick, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Heathrow and Newcastle.

In the true sense, the Singapore Airlines is the trendsetter in the industry of aviation specifically in terms of service excellence, safety as well as innovation. The airline is quite popular for operating world’s longest non-stop flights from Singapore to Los Angeles, New Jersey and Newwark. Apart from this, other airlines offering a number of flight services to Singapore are also good enough to deserve appreciation.

Most of these airlines provide passengers with sufficient space and comfort so that people suffering from motion sickness, sleep disturbances, deep-vein thrombosis can feel comfortable after boarding the flight. Those aircrafts are also quite spacious. So, you will never feel suffocating during your journey to the destination. Even most of these airlines also provide the passengers with full-meal, which is an assortment of sandwiches, soups, fruits, biscuits and snacks. So, if you have a planning to take a trip to Singapore then first and foremost you need to gather some important information about the direct flights to this place so that from the very beginning you can ensure that your journey to Singapore can give you the full comfort, which you are aspiring for.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Three Exotic Destinations to Try

The world is a big place, and when deciding to travel it can be hard to pick where you should go. If you're like a lot of travelers, you want to travel to someplace interesting and exotic, while avoiding places that may be too "touristy." People have different ideas of what they like to see and do while on vacation. For some seeing landmarks is important. Others prefer natural wonders. Some want to see and experience a different culture. Whatever your preference, there is someplace out there that is waiting for you. The perfect place can be hard to find, and can't always be found on the first try. Here are a few suggestions of places you may want to go in your quest to find your perfect vacation spot.

Iguazu Falls, Argentina/Brazil

Iguazu Falls, is a breathtaking waterfall that borders both Argentina and Brazil. The peak season for visiting Iguazu Falls is January and February, but the falls are also popular in June and July when locals are on winter vacation. Of course, what is popular isn't always what is best, and those who prefer traveling during less hectic times may prefer heading to the area in September or May when it is shoulder season.

In the summer, December to March, temperatures are in the 90s with extremely high humidity. Winter temperatures are 50–70 from June to August and can be rainy and hard to fully experience. Shoulder temperatures are closer to 80 and you'll encounter fewer crowds.

Although the Brazil side is beautiful with its panoramic views, if you have to pick one side, Argentina may be the better choice. Americans especially can experience visa issues, and crime is also a greater concern on the Brazil side, and travel in general is more expensive in Brazil than Argentina.

There is also simply more of the Iguazu Falls in Argentina. There are longer catwalks, and you can get right up to the falls in many areas on the Argentina side. Either side will be breathtaking, but Argentina will give you a more hands-on experience.

Central Anatolia, Turkey

Central Anatolia is in the heart of Turkey. With the high elevation, the temperatures mimic those of the Northern United States. With a large Muslim population, some attention needs to be given to Islamic holidays. There are many smaller holidays that involve festivals and celebrations where the Turkish people embrace visitor participation. However, Kurban Bayramý and Ramazan may affect your travel plans. These holidays involve fasting and abstaining from alcohol, and locals might not be as receptive to tourists during these times. The exact date of these holidays shift, so you will want to coincide your travel plans accordingly.

The same precautions against crime should be taken in Turkey as are taken anywhere. Watch your wallet or purse. Men should watch out for people who are overly friendly, and women should be aware of conservative customs while they are visiting. Some may be comforted by the knowledge that the U.S. Embassy is in Ankara, Turkey.

There are also plenty of sights to see, such as the ancient hilltop fortress, the Museum of Anatolian Civilisations, the Mausoleum of Kemal Ataturk and many good, inexpensive restaurants. After all, what's travel without cuisine?

Alaska, USA

Some people think the only way to have an "exotic" vacation is to travel outside of the USA, but that isn't true. Alaskan cruises have become more and more popular. Alaska has rich natural resources and traditions, many of which can be experienced by taking an Alaskan cruise.

Alaskan cruises are guided by Alaskans that can help you appreciate the state, from the sea animals such as otters and whales, to waterfalls, as well as native art and culture. You'll experience fjords and glaciers and have everything put into context according to Alaskan history.

There are also plenty of opportunities to go exploring on your own. And this is Alaska, so even if you are traveling in July or August, you'll get a break from the stifling summer heat that is occurring around the rest of the country.

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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Best cars for traveling in

The best cars for traveling in are usually dictated by the amount of leg room and the smoothness of the ride. You don’t want to take the whole family across the country in a Geo Metro. Of course, with gas prices the way they are I’m sure some people have considered the appeal of the 1.0 Liter In-line 3 cylinder metro. But, those with kids know that it wouldn’t be the most pleasant road trip. The truly best cars to travel in are the one’s that can pack everything you need, give you a smooth enough ride that your head isn’t smashing against the ceiling every time you hit a bump, and one that won’t cost you a fortune at the gas pump.

The new Chevy Traverse is one of the most popular cars to travel in. This is because it can seat 8 people and is styled attractively and practically enough to handle like a vehicle half of its size. Impressive fuel consumption and a 5 Star crash test rating help keep this on the top of the lists of everyone trying to find a comfortable, practical car to travel in.

The new Hyundai Sonata has all the styling of much more expensive sedans, but the price tag that Hyundai is known for. This is a great mid sized car. It is big enough to haul the whole family in, and even has a new hybrid model available. This car is one of the few that makes a good daily driver and can be used to take the whole family on trips without having to change vehicles.

The Volkswagen Golf is one of the most popular cars in Europe. This is because the European market is as crazy about wagons and hatchbacks and Americans are about sedans. The Golf’s new price tag is barely over 18,000 dollars and its hatchback design means you can haul large loads in this vehicle.

There’s a lot to consider when trying finding the right car for your needs. So, if you want something comfortable to travel in these are the top 3 competitors on the market today. Before long you might be saying "It's time to sell my car and get one of these."

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Monday, July 04, 2011

Visit the Highland Lakes Region of Texas For Relaxing Adventures

Texas is known worldwide for big cities, big smiles, and big scenery, and a visit to the capital city of Austin is a must-do for any traveler to the region. If you are a permanent resident of a large city, you probably will go on vacation to get away from the daily grind of big-city life, and Texas features plenty of smaller, quaint regions that are ideal for nearby getaways.

Fortunately, where Austin’s city limits end, the scenic wonders of this state begin. These quick side trips to the Highland Lakes area will provide you will all of the relaxation that you crave, Texas style. There are six pristine bodies of water available for recreation, and there is a host of great tours and trails to experience.

Inks Lake

Inks Lake is located near the quaint town of Burnet and is one of the most popular spots amongst the series of the Highland Lakes. Inks Lake State Park boasts a family-friendly environment, and features stunning projections of prehistoric, gneiss rocks on the water’s banks. This preservation area is a fine example of the Texas Hill Country and its geological wonders.

Wilderness hikes and canoe tours permit stunning views of picturesque sights along the banks, where you can view the plethora of wildlife that call this region home. Locals love to fish here and frequent the lake often. Make sure to obtain a fishing permit if you plan to enjoy this sport within the public waters of the state of Texas.

Longhorn Caverns

Longhorn Caverns is a short drive away from Inks Lakes and is home to an extensive cave system. These underground tunnels are dated at a million years old, and they have a flavorful history that is shared during guided tours, which is certain to entertain you. This attraction is located within a state park, which offers lodging, a gift shop, food options, and full restroom facilities.

Texas Wine Country

Texas Hill Country wines are quite notable, and they are second in growth and popularity only to the Napa Valley amongst wines produced in the United States. Touring the vineyards in this region is so popular, that an officially designated path exists, known as the Texas Wine Trail. This grape producing state has minimal boundaries when it comes to excellent styles they produce, and there will be something to please even those with the most discerning tastes.

The lush scenery that exists along the rural paths through the region will provide ample photographic opportunities for you to capture these memorable moments. There are seasonal tours that join groups of individual together to taste the goods, but most vineyards offer tours and tastings daily.

Wildflowers in Bloom

In the springtime, this region of the state is transformed into a blanket of wildflowers, and the Texas Hill Country becomes scattered with fields of vibrant bluebonnets and fiery-hued Indian paintbrushes. These patches of floral glory are typically located along roadsides throughout the state and create ideal backgrounds for souvenir photos. The bluebonnet is the state flower due to its beauty; therefore, picking them is against the law, so resist the temptation to take one with you to press as a keepsake.

Texas is a national treasure, and this bold state offers quite a bit of accessible expanse of lands to be explored. The Austin area is an ideal location to serve as a hub for fabulous day trips to the less ventured portions of the state. The variety of attractions within the Highland Lakes area are second to none, and is the best place to see the finest of the state’s offerings.

Tracey Louis managed a lakeside bed and breakfast for a couple of years and loves to write about and promote the Highland Lakes area after coming to appreciate all it has to offer. For more information on upcoming events at The Highland Lakes, visitors can find the latest information on Facebook or on Twitter.