4 Best Casino Resort Destinations


Whether or not you’re a fan of poker, slots, and other casino games, it’s hard to say no to a casino resort vacation every now and then. These resorts tend to be in beautiful and interesting places, and attract thousands upon thousands of travelers each year. Additionally, beyond the games, they offer all kinds of luxuries and entertainment –– just about anything a vacationer could desire. So, whether you are into sightseeing, total relaxation, fine dining, or the gaming tables, staying at a proper casino resort always makes for a fun adventure.

If all of that appeals to you then here are four great casino resort destinations to consider visiting.

1. Dominican Republic

In a previous article, we cited the Dominican Republic as a great place for destination weddings, and this is at last partly thanks to the excellent resorts situated there. And when we say excellent, we mean 5-stars –– like the Barceló Bávaro Palace or Bahia Principe Grand Bavaro.

During the day, tourists can relax on the pristine white-sand beaches or join in fun water adventures like snorkeling or scuba diving. The nightlife is just as exciting though, with more than 60 casinos to choose from on either side of the island –– some of them quite nice, and connected to luxurious accommodations of their own. Needless to say, across dozens of casinos, you can find most any sort of game that might interest you. Then again, if you aren’t into gambling, you can find other pleasant ways to spend your evenings, such as by relaxing in class and enjoying a drink at the Arturo Fuente Cigar Club, or dancing the night away at the ORO Nightclub. There is always something for everyone.

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2. Las Vegas

More than any other destination, Vegas is known for its casino games. You can get lost in the sprawling slot floors at most major hotels, as well as try your luck in world-famous poker rooms at places like the Bellagio and the Aria. While the games built Vegas however, there’s plenty more to enjoy there as well.

For starters, an article published by recommends stepping away from the gaming tables to enjoy one-of-a-kind eating experiences (some breakfast at Peppermill specifically), watch a show like Cirque du Soleil show, or even go for a hike at nearby Red Rock Canyon. These recommendations make for a great start –– but they also hardly scratch the surface of what you can ultimately enjoy in Vegas. Bars, clubs, themed pool decks, music lounges, museums, shopping districts, thrill rides…. All of these and more exist in and around the Vegas resorts, making for arguably the most dynamic casino resort destination in the world.

3. Macau

Another place that is famous for its gigantic casinos and gaming rooms is Macau –– also known to some as the “Las Vegas of the East.” Indeed, it even has some sister resorts to those in Vegas, like an MGM, a Venetian, and a Wynn Casino. As you’d expect, each of these is home to an impressive range of gaming options. But Macau is also unusual in that tourists who don’t gamble can use the resorts as bases from which to explore history and culture.

For starters, that often means local temples –– with the Sam Kai VuiKun Temple (located in the old Chinese Bazaar on Rua Sul do Mercado) and the ruins of St. Paul perhaps being the cream of the crop. But these are ultimately just sone of many incredible attractions to take in. A trip to Macau means a chance to explore beyond the results to take in attractions like these, tour long-standing neighborhoods, indulge in street food, and even observe protected pandas. All in all, it can be quite a full trip.

4. Singapore

Singapore is known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and in particular for its architectural wonders. For those who want to try their luck in the casinos, world-class establishments like Resorts World Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands are fully equipped with tables, slots and other gaming machines. They’re also astounding resorts when it comes to accommodations and attractions. But as with the other destinations we’re exploring, Singapore is also a place for exploration and culture.

More than anything else, Singapore is known for a mix of cultures that over time have produced some of the world’s finest culinary delights –– especially when it comes to seafood. recommends dishes like chili crab or salted egg prawns, which are must-tries for tourists. Oh, and don’t go looking for them in ordinary restaurants. The charm of a trip to Singapore is in exploring the street food kiosks and pavilions, where you can famously find world-class cuisine at affordable prices.

Casino resort destinations are fun vacation spots that offer a wide array of entertainment and culture. There is always something for each and every tourist to enjoy, even beyond the casinos and games that fuel these locations. The four discussed above are not the only such destinations in the world, but each one makes for an extraordinary adventure.