4 Things to Do After Your Tucker Chiropractic Visit

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Many chiropractic patients in Tucker, GA wonder if they can do anything (or should avoid anything) so they can experience the maximum benefit from their chiropractic care. Is it safe to go to the gym or should you take any specific steps to keep the benefits flowing?

As your body’s nerve system reorganizes after a chiropractic adjustment, it is not uncommon to experience blood sugar, blood pressure, digestion or immune system changes. Some people report a general overall feeling of wellness with less tension or more energy after a visit to their chiropractor. This is due to the fact that neurological dysfunctions actually obstruct the body’s communication system at the core level of the nerve connection between one’s physical coordination and the intelligence of a person’s body. These reactions are all a normal part of an individual’s body reorganizing its nerve system and part of the natural healing process.

To help your body in the healing process, it is recommended that you follow these steps after an adjustment.

Slow Down and stay a while in Tucker, GA

After an adjustment, it is recommended that patients clear their schedules for a little while. Many people make the mistake of taking too much on after an adjustment, not allowing their bodies time to truly heal while their nerve system re-organizes.

If you work out or exercise regularly, it is a good idea to schedule your first few adjustments several hours out from your exercise routine. It is recommended against exercising immediately after a chiropractic adjustment from a Tucker chiropractor. Try to leave at least a two to six hour break between the two events when first getting started with chiropractic adjustments to enable your body to get the most out of both activities while you gain a better sense of how your body responds and the changes it is going through.

Going for a walk, on the other hand, is an excellent activity to take part in after an adjustment.

Pay Attention to Your Body

One of the most important things you can do following an adjustment is to pay attention to your body. Spinal adjustments often affect how people feel so make note of any muscle sensations, postural changes, mental or emotional changes and even your breathing.

If you experience pain after an adjustment, try to not focus on that alone. Pay attention to how your body feels overall. Are you experiencing postural changes? Do you feel like you are standing taller? This is because your body is positioning you differently as it re-adjusts and re-organizes.

Some people feel better and some people feel worse after adjustments. This is why it is important to pay attention to how you feel afterward as it is important to your healing process. Sometimes a person who has pain in an area may feel relief after manipulation while another person notices pain in an area that they didn’t previously notice had problems. The latter could be due to the fact that there was previously a blockage in the newly sore area that was not perceived before and now it is noticeable because the nervous system was reorganized for communication.

Make Healthy Choices and Changes

In order for chiropractic doctors in Tucker, GA to work properly, it is important that changes be made at home and at work to relive the stressors that can contribute to pressure on your nerves and spine. Change behaviors that are not healthy and that can block you from your best health.

Eat properly after an adjustment, ensuring you get enough good water and plenty of healthy foods. Get plenty of rest and sleep at least 8 hours the first night if possible.

Light exercise and stretching are also a good idea and a good habit to get into if you don’t normally do these things. (However, it may not be a good idea to stretch during a period of acute pain.)

Return to Your Chiropractor’s Tucker office

After your first visit, it is important to return to your chiropractor – usually within 24 to 48 hours. The first visits when you see a chiropractor are centrally focused on your spine and nerve system’s organization and responsiveness. Your chiropractor needs to see you multiple times to check and compare to how your responds to your adjustments. The first few sessions are essentially test signals to your nerve system. A chiropractor’s ability to track your body’s reactions and responses help him to create a custom care plain uniquely designed or you. These adjustments are applied carefully to make changes toward a better structure and better neurological behavior overall.

Taking these steps after your chiropractic adjustment will help your body to experience maximum benefits. Enjoy the process!