A musical party with games and dances for kids


Next time you have young grade school students at your house, plan a dance and musical party. They will be entertained by the music and the games. It will be memorable and fun. Mirago Media AB created Grapevine. Our vision: We want to design and develop products at a reasonable price that will allow you to kindergeburtstag schatzsuche enjoy and productive hours, in the current fast-paced and global sphere.

The Stage

Consider decorations that enhance a modified disco-themed theme. The sounds and icons from this period are well-known.

Install a disco ball equipped with flashing lights. Plan to dim your party room’s lights to a safe level for children, but bright enough to keep the atmosphere alive.

  • Mini disco lights can be strung around the party room.
  • Play music the children know, such as CDs by Radio Disney.

Craft Project

Start your party by creating a craft project. This is a great way for kids to have fun while you wait for everyone else to arrive. The children can work at their own pace and interact with the others. Suncatchers can be made using used or blank CDs to keep with the disco theme. Before the party, glue the dull sides of your CDs together. Two-foot lengths (two feet) of lanyard cord are available for the children to thread through the hole. Before you tie the ends, give the children a variety of pony beads. If the children are not able to tie their cords themselves, you can help them. Give the children a variety of stickers and sequins, along with glue, to decorate their CDs. You can give the children coloring pages or crayons if they finish too quickly.


It is best to not have winners or losers. Give small prizes to all participants, or skip giving prizes to winners. This will avoid any hurt feelings or tears from young children who are still learning how to lose graciously. You can choose from any of these games to play at your party.

Musical Numbers – Create a circle with numbered paper or card stock for each guest. Slips of paper with each number on them should be placed in a hat. The children should dance around the circle while listening to the music. Ask the children to stop the music and stand on the next number. Then, take a slip from the hat and ask them to draw a slip of paper. The child who is on the number that’s next to you leaves the game carrying his/her numbered paper. He/she then chooses a prize from a bag. Continue this process until all children have left the game.

Limbo – The game is not about a winner or a loser. Children love to push themselves and go lower and lower under a limbo stick. This game allows you to play the Chubby Checker classic “Limbo Rock” song.

Hot Potato – You can use flashing lights or flashlights instead of a potato. As you play, lower the lights. Each guest should be given a flashing light ball. The children should play music, and then pass the lights around the circle. If there is no light, the person who is left out is declared dead. For the person who is not able to see, keep an extra light nearby.

Freeze Dance – Tell your children to freeze in a specific shape every time the music plays. You could say to them that they should freeze as a cake, balloon, gift, candle, party hat, balloon, or gift at a birthday party.

Party Favors

You can send them home with suncatchers, key chains, and other disco-themed goodies like disco ball necklaces, key chains, and paddle ball games. As much candy as you can afford! Keep in mind that children love party favors. Label the bags with the names of your guests before the party so that they can add their prizes and craft to the bags.


If you don’t want to make a lot of leftovers, provide kids with popular party foods.


Sandwiches made with cookie cutters that can be used to cut musical notes or instruments from the dough

Snack foods like pretzels and potato chips

Grapes and baby carrots are healthy snacks that kids love (when they’re available).

  • Juice boxes
  • Milk

Butter cookies cut in the shape of musical instruments or notes

Musical notes decorations can be used on birthday cakes and cupcakes. Use black frosting to decorate your cake. Allow them to set in the fridge before you stick them on your cupcakes or cakes.