Barletta Pontoon Boats & “Atwood Lake Boats”


Barletta Pontoon Boats was brought to another Midwest boating community by partners. Atwood Lake Boats was established in 1963 and currently has two full-service marinas on Atwood Lake. Ohio’s “Best Marina”

Atwood is the largest pontoon boat dealer in the state. As is the custom,

The Barletta Pontoon Boat Dealer Network, Atwood has established and maintains an incredibly high level of customer service.

They are committed to providing the best customer experience possible and adheres to high standards. They are 5-Star Certified

For the past eight years, we have been named as a Top 100 Dealership in the Boating Industry.

Barletta Pontoon Boats has gathered and continues to assemble an impressive network exceptional dealers

All over the country. The Barletta team brings a unique customer-focused/dealer-centric approach that has been widely

It is a breath of fresh air for the marine industry.

Jeff Haradine (Barletta Vice President for Sales), stated that “we are thrilled to partner at Atwood.” “Michael

(Valot), and his team, are a Atwood lake boats high-quality group of people who have been in marine business for a while and have the experience and the expertise to make a difference.

We have the experience and knowledge to provide excellent customer service. They are dedicated to making pontoon a reality.

Atwood lake boat ownership is fun, easy and stress-free. They have a similar approach to the Barletta “way”, which is why this partnership works.

It makes so much sense and will be great news for Ohio’s boating community.”

“The Atwood Lake Boats team is committed to the customer, which is something that we take very seriously here at Barletta.”

Bill Fenech, President and Co-Owner Barletta Pontoon Boats, continued. “Relationships in boating are so important

community. You will be able to trust your Barletta salesperson during the purchase.

additionally follow-up with after-the-sale-services, like water testing the boat with the customer before delivery, and

a seven-day-a-week service guarantee. Michael and his team have built an excellent operation over the years. We are

They are a great partner.