Best Places To Visit While In Mykonos

Mykonos, one of Greece’s most beautiful islands, attracts travelers from around the globe due to its stunning beaches and 300 days of sun each year, glittering buildings and crystal clear waters – this island truly shines within the Aegean Sea and holds many treasures that await discovery! So make your next vacation destination Mykonos. There is so much beauty waiting to be explored here!

Mykonos island, situated off of Greece’s Aegean coastline, is famed for its picturesque beaches and vibrant nightclubs that provide ideal summer celebration venues. Mykonos has few tourist attractions that should not be missed during your travels; here are 7 must-see spots when in Mykonos!

Little Venice Quarter

Little Venice Quarter can be found at Alevkantra Beach on Chora’s western edge, constructed between 17th and 16th Century by wealthy sea traders and their descendants. Little Venice Quarter can also be found within Alevkantra beach itself.

Venice Quarter’s romantic ambience and captivating celestial beauty has long made it a favorite spot of artists, who have covered its walls with hundreds of artworks to bring life and color.

Kato Mili

Kato Mili, or Kato Mili (Pinnacle Windmills), are an iconic collection of ancient windmills situated near Chora on Mykonos Island and thought to be facing out towards the ocean. Constructed out of various parts from around Mykonos’ landscape, they now stand as an iconic part of conservation effort on Mykonos that have become major tourist draws and museums themselves – now one of its major tourist attractions!

Mykonos boasts 16 windmills operating today, of which seven can be found on an iconic hill in Chora. Visit these windmills to gain insight into how Venetians made use of wind power while also taking in beautiful views of both town and ocean from their perches.

Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach in Greece is home to its largest nightclub. Renowned for its constant partying on the beach, you can relax under the warm sunshine during the day before sipping cocktails or mocktails from one of its public bars at Paradise Beach.

On the southern side of Mykonos lies Platys Gialos Beach, an ideal beach for families. A variety of hotels have establishments here and their guests can easily walk from their rooms onto this family-oriented beach where they can lounge on sunbeds or partake in watersports activities.

Platys Gialos Beach

It lies just minutes away from Chora city center, nestled into a stunning half-moon bay. There is an array of Italian and Greek restaurants as well as an affordable Mediterranean take-out service along the shores of this beach fiction.

Mykonos provides the ideal backdrop to explore Delos, home of Artemis and Apollo in Greek mythology. Delos is empty but transport companies provide daily trips there from Mykonos so visitors can study its remnants.

On the island’s extensive sights can be found the Sacred Harbor which now serves as a Terrasse of Lions. There’s also a dry lake on it and The House of Dionysius or Cleopatra’s House as well as an exclusive leisure home built during the 2nd century.


Delos is also home to the museum, filled with classic Greek vessels and sculptures as well as several cafes.

Mykonos: Agios Lazaros Villas

This Mykonos luxury villa can be found within Agios Lazaro’s villa hotel on the south side of the island and boasts breathtaking ocean views from both its outdoor endlessness pool and surrounding loungers.

Five bedrooms can accommodate up to nine guests comfortably, providing ample room for larger family or friend gatherings. Furthermore, its prime location means that its nearby dining establishments, bars and beach access make this resort an excellent option.

Elia Beach

Elia Beach is Mykonos’ largest beach. More spacious and less packed with beach parties, Elia is easily reached via bus from Mykonos boat and Town is served by Platis Gialos. There is watersport-related accommodation, hotels, rentals and bars scattered along Elia’s length.

Beach-goers who seek tranquility at the fine sand beach often relax under wading or cabanas that overlook pristine blue sea waters.


Mykonos can offer something for every type of traveller – be it an idyllic beach retreat or providing more options on Mykonos during their holiday.