Wendy Burk, “Cadence travel”


Wendy Burk, founder and CEO of Cadence Travel, is leading a team of more than 150 advisors, 18 executives, and managers. Her agency continues to generate over $100 million in annual sales. Burk is a great candidate if you are looking to grow your team.

These are her top three management tips

Cadence Travel Build Brand Recognition

You have many opportunities to show your professionalism and expertise in the travel industry through your service, culture, language, and overall appearance. Your clients will be able to identify with you and your brand by creating and maintaining a consistent and sophisticated experience that is both familiar and memorable. Your tribe is attracted to your vibe. Get out there and refine your brand!

Nurture genuine relationships

We must recognize the value of personal connections as technology, automation, and artificial intelligence all change how we view the travel buying process. This is the key to being relevant in a service sector like ours. Think about how meaningful, human interactions with clients and colleagues will foster long-lasting relationships.

Cadence Travel

Create a Referral Culture

To grow your business, don’t depend on your marketing and sales team alone. You can bring in new business by creating a referral culture within the agency and offering a rewarding structure. Find opportunities to cross-sell between divisions. Give your team smart sound bites to use in their networking moments. And feed your network with your most distinctive strengths. This will allow you to create your brand’s buzz from within.

Travel + Leisure is always on the lookout for the best accessories and gear to make your travels easier and more enjoyable. This includes accessories that make it easier to pack light and keep your luggage organised so that you can enjoy your vacation more than worrying about how everything fits in your suitcase. Cadence Travel is a sustainable and ultra-organized capsule system that will help you store all your small necessities.

You can choose to purchase capsules individually or “build your six,” which is a more affordable option. Magnetic capsules are made of ocean-bound plastic and snap together to allow you to store all your essentials in one location. They are leakproof and can hold everything, including sunscreen, lotions, vitamins, jewelry, and even your makeup brushes. The capsules can be personalized with either pre-made labels or custom labels to let you know where everything is.

Cadence Travel capsules are loved by many. Travel capsules are a joy to use! I love the fact that I can take my favorite products with me wherever I go. I also love the fact that I don’t have to purchase travel-sized products while I’m on the road.