Choose Your Type of Luxury Resort in Thailand


Resorts are designed for ultimate style and luxury. In Thailand, almost everyone wants a view of the beach, so there are resorts made for these sorts of travellers. Some resorts are found on mountains for those wanting fresh, chilled air. In this exotic country, find plenty of luxury resorts to suit the mildest and most demanding travellers. Follow a few tips to choose one of many different Thailand luxury resorts.

All Inclusive

All-inclusive resorts include all of the amenities you need to feel totally comfortable in Thailand. These resorts include spacious rooms or suites, daily meals, alcoholic beverages, phone and Internet services, room service and more. Find your all-inclusive resort that caters to different groups, such as individuals, couples and families.


There are resorts that cater to singles in Thailand. These travellers are allowed to stay in their rooms or pursue a variety of solo adventures. Some of them like going on tours through the rainforest or going to restaurants. In these resorts, there are usually special events geared toward singles. Single travellers may receive special discounts and savings on their trips.


A new trend among hotels is the health-oriented resort. These resorts include spas, saunas and yoga practices that promote peace and relaxation. Yoga is a popular practice that is best done in various outdoor settings. Some people like to practice on high, cloudy mountains while others like to practice on brightly lit beaches.

Not everyone likes yoga or meditation. The non-practitioners can exercise on cardio equipment in the gyms or workout on tennis courts. The spa is another very popular site. Visitors can receive massages inside of their room or out on the terrace.

People staying at health resorts are known to get advice from diet and fitness experts. In fact, the average health resorts have many different health professionals working as staff. These pros include doctors, masseurs, nutritionists and personal trainers. They provide in-depth consultations to assess individual health needs.

For healthy eaters, there are menus containing a wide range of natural, raw and organic selections. They can request herbs and supplements alongside their meals. Also, travellers are allowed to cleanse their bodies through certain detox programs. Overall, the peaceful and exotic Thailand landscape is the perfect place to focus on health and spirituality.


Plenty of kid-friendly and family-friendly resorts are found in Thailand. The beaches are safe, the environment is not rugged and the activities are family oriented. These hotels provide many children’s meals, pools, playgrounds or day-carecentres that make parents worry less. During the night, parents need a way to go out and have their kids properly supervised. These resorts do good jobs of keeping the adult and children sections separate.

Thailand is a country full of tropical paradises, wide-sweeping parks and fun-filled nightlife. Anyone and everyone will find plenty of activities to do here. They will find many different resorts to stay in for their short-term or long-term excursions. As a regular vacationer, you will find your ideal destination and luxury resort if you know where to look in Thailand.