Cooking Class Bali


Bali, is popular for its famous tourist spots and sites, beautiful natural surroundings and its five star hotels that host most of its tourists.

At the five star Ayana Resort Bali, guests can in addition to the luxurious hospitality they experience at the hotel, enjoy a cooking class Bali to learn how to prepare and enjoy the local cuisine.

A holiday stay at this hotel will offer you all the perks of getting away from the daily hustle and bustle and teach you a thing or two about nature, culture and the local food that is easily available in Bali and its environs.

The Cooking Class

Scenography Cooking School is the name of the school where guests enjoy their cooking class. Located within the hotel’s vast grounds, this cooking school is manned by the hotel’s culinary team who go out of their way to ensure that their guests have an unforgettable Bali cuisine experience.

The class is an additional expense to the hotel’s guests, but this will be money well spent.

The Cooking Class Experience

The cooking class begins after guests have had their breakfast. This is then followed by a visit to the market where the class instructors introduce their students to the indigenous Bali foods and ingredients for the meals they will prepare.

The students then select fresh ingredients from the market which they will later use to create a variety of meals in the Bali way.

As part of the Bali culture, the students witness a religious offering ceremony at one of the local temples that is nearby the market.

Once this is done, the students then head back to the hotel, where the actual education now begins. Using indigenous ingredients bought fresh from the market directly from the farmers who grow them, the hotel guests are sure that they will experience a sumptuous and tasty dish once they are through with their cooking class.

The hotel chef and culinary team then lead their students through the steps of preparing several Balinese dishes over a two to three hours period.

When the time is up, the students are now ready to enjoy the exotic meals that they have prepared under the guidance of culinary experts, for lunch.

The secret of the taste and flavor of Balinese cuisine is hidden in its exotic products of food and spices such as turmeric, lemongrass, palm sugar, chilies and salam leaves. The expert chefs, train their guests on how to mix the ingredients of several recipes to get the perfect mouthwatering taste of Bali cuisine.

The Cooking School

The spacious, cooking school provides the perfect ambience to learn how to and enjoy cooking Balinese food. Just like the hotel they are in, it is a five star cooking school with all the services enjoyed in the hotel. The sparkling clean kitchen, preparation tables and equipment ensure that you have everything you need to prepare the best exotic meal ever in your life.

Its highly qualified culinary staff offer the instructions to turn you into a professional chef within hours.


Affordably priced, guests have no reason not to indulge in this once in a lifetime experience.

The hotel offers guests two packages to choose from. The guests can choose from the package that includes the morning travel to the market to buy the cooking ingredients and attending the offering ceremony at the temple or opt for the one that just dives into the cooking class. The two packages will have different prices.

Guests are advised to enquire on any tax charges that could be charged on the cooking class, so as to have a reasonable understanding of how much they are paying for their packages.

In conclusion

The cooking class Bali offered by at the Ayana Resort and Spa is an experience worth every penny for all guests. It helps them interact with the local community and learn one of their most dear activity which helps promote cohesion and uniqueness of the Balinese.