Guide on How to Get the Best Caribbean Cruise Deal


Cruising has become extremely popular and it is easy to see why as you can get everything in one package such as accommodation, everyday meals for the entire cruise, entertainment as well as romance or adventure depending on how you look at the cruise and with how you are traveling. Every other vacation must normally be planned ahead with at least a few months in order to get the best available deals on them however, for a Caribbean cruise deal that same formula does not apply, in fact the later you book the better the deal might get and here is how it works: there are a large number of ships cruising the Caribbean at any time of the year, everyday there are at least 10 cruises leaving for either Eastern or Western Caribbean from Ft. Lauderdale and Port Everglades and each of these ships have the minimum capacity of 1000 passengers.

In order to fill the ships up there are Caribbean cruise deals available until the last moment and some of them can be as low as $99 for seven days cruise with everything included; what more can you ask for. Of course, this is not a deal that you may get everyday but a good Caribbean cruise deal will easily be available from $199 and above depending on the length on the cruise and the cruise liner.See:

Where To Get The Best Caribbean Cruise Deal

There are two ways to go about getting a good Caribbean cruise deal: one way is to approach your travel agent who will be able to track down the best deals on the market at any given time and the other way is to book directly with the cruise lines online. There is yet another way to get a good Caribbean cruise deal but, this only applies if you live in Florida and that is to try and get a cruise on the day the ship sails out as they almost always have vacancies and almost always they will sell it for some unbelievable deals. It is however not recommended to travel all the way to Florida hoping to get a great deal in the last minute as you can get disappointed.

Helpful Tip

Each cruise ship company caters for a specific type of guests for example; Disney cruises cater for young families, which usually will make the ships activities, food and entertainment around those requirements. It is recommended you check the cruise liner targeted guest types before you book a cruise so you don’t get stuck on what seemed like a great Caribbean cruise deal with the wrong crowd.