How to choose the best Hawaiian island for your vacation


Are you looking for the perfect Hawaiian island to take your family on a vacation? This article will help you make the right choice, whether you are looking for luxury, romance, kids-friendly or budget-friendly options.

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Every year, many travelers come to Hawaii looking for tropical vacations that fit their needs. You’ll find it in one of Hawaii’s remote islands, whether you are looking for luxury or budget-friendly, a peaceful vacation on the beach, or an adventurous trip through lush landscapes.

Are you unsure which island is right for you? This is how you choose the perfect Hawaiian island for your vacation.

Hawaii technically has 8 large islands. One of them is uninhabited and one is privately owned. The names of 6 islands are most familiar to you. Continue reading to learn more and find the right destination for your needs.

  • Big Island

The Big Island, also known as Hawaii, is an all-in one package. If you are looking for the perfect Hawaiian vacation for your family or a first trip to the islands, this could be the place for you. It is the largest of the islands and will require a rental car. You may need to drive a bit further if you wish to explore beyond the airports. However, I recommend it!

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If you want to see Hilo, the Kailua airport is on the west coast of Big Island. It offers consistent (and often significantly) lower fares than Hilo’s airport on the east coast.

Many people are aware that Kilauea has been particularly active in recent years. But don’t let this stop you from planning your next trip! The volcano has been in active for more than 20 years. It is still safe for tourists because the 10 miles it affects is a residential area that is far from tourist hot spots. Mauna Loa is a great place to visit one of Hawaii’s most famous volcanoes.

You can go zip-lining at Umauma Falls or visit a coffee plantation

  • Oahu

Oahu is a budget-friendly island with many affordable hotels and hostels! There are many options to choose from, and there is no need to rent a car. Dining and other activities can also be done on-site. You can even find great deals on vacation packages at Costco!

Oahu is a popular choice for families due to its affordability. The Honolulu Zoo and Waikiki Aquarium are great options for children. The Honolulu Botanical Gardens and Hanauma Bay are other top picks on the island.

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There is something for everyone, regardless of age or family size.

  • Maui

The beaches of Maui are well-known worldwide. The stunning black sands at Pa’iloa Beach (and Kaihalulu Beach) make this island an ideal choice for anyone who wants to relax by the ocean for the duration of their vacation.

Maui is a paradise for luxury and relaxation. There are more than 12 acclaimed spa hotels! There are many helicopter tours and sunset cocktails cruises available. However, you can also enjoy the best of both and explore your surroundings on your own. Iao Valley State Park, a lush green paradise that is perfect for a day hike and where you can learn to swim in the sea as a mermaid.

  • Lanai

Lanai, a small island off the coast of Hawaii, is a great place to spend intimate time. It’s also a perfect spot for a romantic getaway or to celebrate an anniversary. There are no big resorts here, nor noisy kids on the beaches. Lanai, one of the smaller Hawaiian islands, is so remote that it can only be reached by ferry.

Take a photo of the Pu’u Pehe, “Sweetheart Rock”, sea stack. Also, snorkel at Hulopoe Bay, the best spot for beginners. Enjoy yoga or a unique treatment at Four Seasons. Or just relax and enjoy the peace and tranquility of this remote paradise.

  • Molokai

Molokai, a small island in the Hawaiian Islands that is still untouched by tourism, is a raw Hawaiian treasure. The island is inhabited mainly by natives so you can enjoy a true Hawaiian experience and a lot of culture on “The Friendly Isle.”

Molokai is rich in history. You’ll learn about it through hula and food as well as storytelling. You can view everything, from the towering waterfalls to deep Halawa Valley via helicopter or hike.

You can snorkel around the reef to observe marine life, or you can go on a whale-watching tour to get up close and personal with humpback whales. You’ll find something for everyone, just less tourists and more authentic Hawaiians.

  • Kauai

Kauai is a paradise for outdoor adventure seekers and hikers. You can trek the Kalalau Trail, the most popular trail on the island. Or dive into the rainforests for the many waterfalls that are scattered all along the coast. For thrill-seekers, ATV off-roading is a popular activity. So is diving with sea turtles.

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Kauai offers a great middle ground between the peaceful Molokai, Lanai, and the attraction-filled Oahu or Maui.