Il Bevaio di Corleone, a different agriturismo


Il Bevaio di Corleone redefines the concept of Agriturismo in Sicily, introducing state-of-the-art construction technologies and maximum integration of the structure into the territory. These are certainly beautiful words, but let’s go in order and see what’s underneath, analyzing the individual peculiarities of the structure starting from the beginning. We were in 2009 when Alfredo Graziano from Palermo, a former banker now retired, decided to make a change to his farm located between Corleone and Campofiorito, allocating part of its 20 hectares to accept a new formula of receptivity, an absolute novelty for Sicily. In the new project, green building techniques allow the total integration of 6 independent housing units plus a suite, thus changing the concept of farm holidays and park hotels. The idea was born from the architect Giuseppe Marsala, with the aim of respecting as much as possible the surrounding nature, he proposed new materials and environmental sustainability, returning to the dawn of human settlements, using only wood and recovering the pile, in fact all the units are elevated and do not touch the ground, without giving up the comforts of the modern era, with perfectly air-conditioned interiors, thanks to the efficient insulation, and with modern and functional lines and furnishings. All the bungalows that make up the small village were built with labor from the nearby village of Campofiorito, obviously using recyclable materials. Therefore, the term “otherwise farm” used by me in the title, should be understood as a sort of provocation, since it is true that the impact of the structure with the visitor is unusual, but precisely because of these peculiarities it integrates perfectly with the territory and the surrounding nature, much better than many other structures of the category in object that instead cannot boast the same characteristics, but that however they represent the rule to which we are accustomed.

The landscape that surrounds the agriturismo is full of wild but hospitable nature, in the photos I took you will find ribes, horsetail, small tree frogs (a small type of frog), but also long avenues of olive trees, waterfalls and streams, in addition to the part cultivated as a vegetable garden, fruit and arable land, which since 1994 has been organic and biodynamic. There are also numerous services available for guests, trekking, environmental education for the little ones, mountain biking, horse riding, archery and spaces equipped for camping. The structure is, however, nearing completion, as the SPA and a swimming pool are still missing, the first already almost complete and the second still to be started. As for the wellness center, built with the rules of eco-friendly, it will offer: Turkish bath, whirlpool bath, fitness area, massage area, but above all a relaxation area, dedicated to the herbal tea room, immersed in a large orchard.

Another sector in search of identity is, alas, the restaurant, whose kitchen, for now, offers only classic farm dishes, without any particular refinement, even if prepared with genuine ingredients, mostly from the organic farm or at most found in the immediate vicinity. Because of this lack of culinary address, I will not review the dishes I tasted last September 4th 2014, reserving the right to do so in detail as soon as this part of the structure will be well defined. In the meantime, I can confirm the intensity of aromas and flavors and support Alfredo Graziano’s commitment to trying to use a cuisine that is as natural and healthy as possible, thanks to the raw materials he himself produced and certified in bio.

In the management of the farm Alfredo Graziano is currently assisted by his wife Maricetta, by his brother and children, but it is not easy to carry on such a complex and rich service structure, but when it is finally completed it could become an important center of educational, environmental and gastronomic attraction of the area, clearly distinguishing itself from all the other offers of the same category of the district. To achieve this, a great act of faith must be done and continue with investments, since only by creating a different product and services, especially with the current economic crisis, can we hope to interest and retain those customers, who are more demanding, who do not they are satisfied with the current offer available in the area, thus attracting not only those foreigners who already appreciate Il Bevaio di Corleone, but also other visitors from the nearby Palermo capital and above all from the surrounding area.