Review of the “Moleskine travel journal”


TripIt is a free smartphone application that helps you organize your Moleskine Travel Journal details. It makes it super easy to send all confirmation emails to one place. All information is automatically compiled chronologically, with maps and daily forecasts.

Moleskine travel journal is a great tool, but TripIt can’t automatically compile cruise ports of calls. It’s not their fault, it’s the cruise lines’ fault.

When we went on our 15-day cruise between Budapest and Amsterdam, this created a problem. I would have to either enter all the information manually or find another way to view what’s next.

So I tried something new.

My analog travel app

A new shop recently opened in our local mall. It was one that attracted me in. There were many creative tools within its walls: planners, journals and bags, as well as notebooks and writing instruments.

A confession is in order: I have a weakness for beautiful notebooks. I especially love one with sections and pockets. They are hard to find! I love all the potential that lies beyond my reach – all those blank pages waiting for someone’s creative ideas and dreams to fill them.

Panorama image of 6 Passions Books: recipe journal/wellness journal/film journal/book journal, movie journal, book journal/music journal and wine journal. Moleskine Travel Journals is the text at the front.

I was drawn to a particular notebook, thanks to its retro airport departure board embossed on the cover.

The Moleskine travel journal was the reason I chose to use it.

The river cruise took us to five different countries in just 15 days. You can view the itinerary here. We would enjoy lectures, guided tours, and cultural experiences. There would also be plenty of time for us to explore the ports ourselves.

It was overwhelming to think of all the things that could be packed into our trip.

I want to remember every single person we met, all the new places we visited, and all the delicious foreign food we tried.

Moleskine travel journal is a great idea!

But it’s more than just that I needed a book to record my travel memories. Not at all. Another factor is that I wanted the whole experience to be enjoyable, not only in the writing, but also in the reading.

A hardcover book is very satisfying. I have many spiral notebooks, and I must admit that I don’t look at them much once they are full of notes. They don’t get the same respect.

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