PIFD – “Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design”


Admission 2021 Last Date, Fee Structure

Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design

The Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design Admission 2021(PIFD) section make every effort to maintain our position as the premier specialised style and design Institute with a national and international reputation for excellence in education and research. In 1994, there was one School (PSFD), but today there are four Schools that offer 6 different disciplines. With a 100% recruiting rate, our graduates are among the highest-paid in the country. Faculty of Fashion Design

  • Faculty of Fashion Marketing & Promotional Marketing
  • Faculty of Textile Design
  • Faculty of Accessories & Products



Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design Foundation Year

Students can use the program as a foundation to pursue their major in one of the four schools. Students can learn style through seminars, lectures, workshops, studio discussion, market research and group studies.

Module titles

  • Basic Drawing
  • 2D Animation: Shaping
  • Material and Models
  • Digital Communication
  • History of Art and Culture
  • History and Theory
  • English
  • Pakistan Studies/lslamiat

Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design Marketing 

The Fashion Marketing & Merchandising program aims to prepare students for exciting career opportunities in Pakistan’s rapidly growing fashionable industry. This four-year bachelor’s degree program is designed for individuals with an entrepreneurial flair and a passion for business and who want to become managers of innovative products and services. This program allows for dual or joint specialisations in marketing, advertising, and merchandising. To help students understand business dynamics, they are offered coaching in management programs. Students also learn design development and execution. You can benefit from taking related courses in highschool. These are the key steps to follow:

Learn how to sew quickly and efficiently by taking home economics classes

  • To exercise your eye for colours and patterns, draw and paint your own pictures
  • Visual design software such as Photoshop, CorelDraw and Xara can be learned with Serif DrawPlus
  • Find out more about Art and Fashion Design in blogs, books, and magazines

Earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design

You don’t just want to work in fashion, you want to be the driving force behind it. Fashion Design is a bachelor’s degree program that will teach you everything you need to know about fashion design history, how to manipulate clothing textiles, drawing clothes, managing fashion houses, and fashion tips events.

A Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts is available

A Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts is a common degree for many contemporary fashion designers. These programs combine theories and techniques from drawing, painting, and photography to create fashion design.

You will learn techniques such as collage, professional photography, digital imaging, and how you can use and interpret different design elements. These are some of the top places to get such a degree:

  • Visual Arts degrees in Canada
  • The USA offers Visual Arts Degrees
  • The Netherlands offers Visual Arts Degrees

A Bachelor’s Degree in Art History is available

Pakistan Institute Of Fashion And Design is art. Wearable art. It is important to learn Art History to understand the history and evolution of korean fashion. The Philosophy of Art course can provide great tools to express your ideas and put them in the right context.

Are you still not convinced? Were you surprised to learn that Vera Wang, the world-famous designer, studied Art History? These are great places to look for a Bachelor’s degree in Art History.

  • Art History Degrees in the USA
  • Australia’s Art History Degree Program
  • Canada offers Art History degrees


Take a course in Design or study a Bachelor’s degree.

Graphics are now everywhere, even fashion. Graphics are more than paper and scissors. It is not necessary to complete a three-year-long Bachelor of Design or Graphic Design. However, it is worth gaining some insights from these areas.


Short courses in Design, for example, will help you explore different methods to create a high-quality product. They also teach you techniques for graphic representation, product design, research, and product design. You can also combine your Pakistan Institute Of Fashion And Design-related degree with Design courses like those offered by:

  • Stanford Summer in the USA
  • University of the Arts London in the UK
  • European Cultural Academy in Italy