3 Things to Consider When Shopping for RV Batteries


RV batteries are responsible for powering everything from your air conditioning to the fridge, and your GPS, lighting, and TVs. If you want to have the best vacation with the family out on the open road, you will need RV batteries that are powerful, and that are designed to give you the power required based on your specific needs. When you go to buy the best RV batteries, there are three main considerations you should embrace, and they are as follows.

1. When You Buy RV Batteries, Consider Size and Weight for Custom Battery Banks 

Battery banks are portable “boxes” containing a variety of batteries, wired together, to carry in a portable manner to power your RV, or other recreational vehicle types. Ideally, you want to find RV batteries that are light in weight, and smaller in size, as this will enable more options for customizing your ideal RV battery bank. If you aren’t sure what kind of battery bank you want to build, call a company like Enduro Power, and they will set you up with a configuration apropos to your needs.

2. Type of RV Batteries 

Sure, lead-acid RV batteries are cheaper, but does this mean they offer better value? The short answer is, no. Lead-acid batteries are notorious for leaking a corrosive substance that coats the battery receptors, and this can either limit the power, or render it useless, unless you clean the heads with a mixture of lemon juice and vinegar. When you are traveling with the family, you don’t want these inconveniences, so that said, lithium RV batteries offer greater value, even if the price tag is more, as lithium batteries do not leak corrosive matter. 

3. Get Name Brand RV Batteries 

You may be tempted to buy knock-off brand lithium RV batteries from Amazon, but be aware that you definitely get what you pay for. These batteries have poor lifetime value, they don’t hold as long a charge as name brand RC batteries like Enduro Power do, and they are just poor all around. Enduro Power offers name brand batteries that perform just as well as other name brand RV batteries, if not offer better performance, and they cost significantly less.

Do Your Research When Buying RV Batteries 

The last thing you need is for your AC to fail in the middle of a hot night when you are staying in the Arizona desert only because your RV batteries failed to hold a long enough charge. Be sure to research all the specs associated with name brand RV batteries, and initiate a smart buy to ensure your family trip will be comfortable, and successful. Finally, be sure to make a list of the devices in your RV, and appliances, that require battery power to function, and let your RV battery provider know so that they can help you buy the right batteries for your battery bank.