These Are the Cheapest and Most Beautiful Honeymoon Destinations in the World


Long has Bulgaria captured the imaginations of wanderlusters around the globe. Still shockingly overlooked, there’s so much to uncover in this gem of a country. Not the most obvious honeymoon choice, granted, but if you love cities head to the vibrant streets of Sofia; for a spot of sun, laze by the Black Sea; and if you love cheap booze head to Europe’s best value skiing slopes in Bansko and Borovets.


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For those who have visited, most say this spellbinding country is so bewitching it never leaves you. Whilst the popular destinations around the Golden Triangle continue to peak in price, there are several other places throughout the vast expanse that are still dirt cheap. Whilst everyone wants to experience the luxuries of an opulent ‘Palace on Wheels’, opt for an overnight sleeper on Indian Rail instead. ‘Why?’ you ask. Simple. You can get from Delhi to Udaipur for as little as US$20.


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We all go crazy for a spot of Arabian eroticism, that’s why Morocco deserves top spot for affordable romance. Whether you love doors, buzzing markets or just a good coffee, there’s so much to explore in the likes of Fez, Marrakech and Essaouira. Get lost in mazes, wander through timeless, beautiful mosques and devour great food on the cheap.

South Africa

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It may be expensive to get to, but once you get there your money goes a long, long way. Instead of going on a posh safari, save oodles by self-driving through Kruger National Park – don’t worry, you’ll be completely safe. What’s even better is that both food and hotel lodge prices throughout the entire country suit all budgets. Get booking!

The Andaman Islands…

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If the Maldives are out of the question, head here instead. These gorgeous little islands are looked after by neighbouring India. Found just off the Bay of Bengal, the exceptional archipelago offers gorgeous white, sandy beaches, spectacular hotels and a wealth of exceptional culture that will literally blow your newly-wedded minds.


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The Adriatic coastline is tipped to be one of this year’s hottest summer destinations, particularly for loved-up folk. If Tuscany and Paris are out of the question, forget your sorrows wine touring in Istria. There’s over 100 to get piddled in, so your options really are limitless. Take a punt, we dare you.


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A world of incredible sites and budget-friendly prices. Most come here to take a peek at Angkor Wat, a fortress of spectacular religious history. Entry to it doesn’t come cheap (it can cost up to a woof-worthy US$72) but once you realise that on average you are paying US$2 for a full, hearty meal and a measly US$1 for a beer, you’ll both forget about the entry fee.


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Beautiful, wondrous and exceptional in every way imaginable: Thailand is an oasis of floating markets, patchwork landscapes and iconic rice paddies. The best thing about the place is that many of the resorts here are purpose-built for honeymoons, and throw in all sorts of complimentary extras for honeymooners. Best spots? Phuket, Koh Samui and Krabi. Oh, and let’s not even mention those sea view bathrooms. One word: perfection.