Top Tips for Amtrak Train Travelers New to Amtrak

Train Travel

Connect with fellow Train Passengers

Train Travelers has something unique to offer: the chance to connect with people from around the world. Many are first-time riders just like you! Lounges and Dining Cars provide excellent opportunities to meet new people or form lasting connections.

Stay Informed with Amtrak App

Are you looking to simplify your travel? Download the app onto your smartphone from Android, iPhone and Windows platforms – it’s an invaluable tool that lets you check train statuses, locate stations at specific destinations and present tickets with ease. With this useful resource, you won’t miss any important information while onboard your train.

Bathroom (If You Did Not Book A Bedroom)

Be sure to knock on the door before entering a bathroom, even if you don’t plan on approaching anyone who may be using it. Many people leave the bathroom door unlocked behind them. Always lock the bathroom when finished using it for your own security and that of others as well.

The Quiet Car Was Created to be Just That — Quiet

Quiet Cars offer passengers a peaceful haven on long distance and corridor trains. Talking on the phone is strictly forbidden, and all portable devices must be muted or used with headphones to prevent others from being disturbed. This serene atmosphere makes for the ideal spot to escape for a few minutes of respite.

Are You Strolling Through the Train Station? Keep Your Shoes On?

On the train, you have full freedom to move around as much as desired. Just be careful where you walk between cars; safety plates may shift or pinch when moving along. While trying to make your bucket-list vacation a success, don’t let that happen by falling victim to constant lurching and swaying of the cars while walking through them. It can be difficult to balance during such moments.

Are you planning a journey that will last more than one night? Reserve a Car Room for Overnight Travel today!

Long-distance travels are best enjoyed with a Roomette or Bedroom aboard the train. Your booking includes all Dining Car meals, as well as hot showers and complimentary soft drinks, ice, and water. Plus, don’t forget about tipping the Sleeping Car Attendant!

Traveling West? For the best views, sit on the right-hand side. Traveling East? Make sure you are sitting on the left for optimal viewing pleasure.

Take a deep breath and relish every step of your journey.

Experience the ultimate train journey and truly appreciate this once in a lifetime opportunity. Enjoy every minute of the ride, then sit back and relax afterwards.

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