Travel Berky: Tips


Travel Berky

You are planning to travel berky with your loved one, but you don’t know what to do about your water filter system. You are planning to Berky along with your, by plane, train, or automobile. Below are our Storage and Travel Berky Tips!

  1. Take apart the system and remove all filters.
  2. To dry evenly, black filters should be placed on top of a towel.
  3. Fluoride filters should be stored in a zip-top bag until they are returned. Fluoride filters can’t dry out and must be kept in the refrigerator until they are used again. The fluoride filters cannot be stored unattended for more than 2 weeks.
  4. All other pieces and parts should be dried.
  5. You will simply need to reprime the filters and reassemble your system upon return.

The System and Parts (non filters) 

Take apart and empty your system. Dry all non-filter parts. After drying, place the box in its original container or in another safe location where it is unlikely that small pieces and parts will be misplaced.

Travel Berky Black Filters

The black filters can be dried out and placed in the original container or similar container. It doesn’t need to be sealed tightly. It is best to keep them dry, away from strong odors, and in a dry, cool place such as a closet shelf.

Take yours with you?

It’s simple and you’ll be able to drink great water.

  1. Take apart your system and dry everything (except fluoride filters).

2.The Stainless-Steel chambers fit perfectly within each other with plenty of space for all pieces. To keep small parts together and prevent scratching, we recommend placing them in a zip-top bag.

  1. Black filters can be dried by either letting them dry for at least 24 hours or using Black Primer in a purge position. After drying, seal the bag with a zip-top and add padding to your bag or tote. As a cushion, towels work well.
  2. Fluoride filters must be kept cool and wet. Keep them cool in a zipper-top bag. They cannot freeze if they are placed on top of ice. Travel Berky to prevent them drying out, you will need to run water through fluoride filters at minimum every four days.
  3. Once you reach your destination, make sure to prime your filters! Add the Prime Rite and Black Primer to your luggage!

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