Travel Fly Rods – Why You Should Consider One

Traveller Flying

The quality and performance of travel fly rods has greatly improved from when they were first introduced. More anglers are beginning to consider this type of fly rod when they are looking to add a new rod to their collection or replacing an old one. Many manufacturers of traditional fly rods also have a line of travel size fly rods to choose from in both fresh and saltwater configurations.

Some of the concerns that many anglers have had with this type of rod is that because these rods have so many sections it might not cast or perform as well as a traditional two section fly rod. In one of the fly fishing forums that I visit some anglers at first were stating their skepticism about how well these rods would perform in comparison to a traditional two section fly rod but a few well seasoned anglers began reporting in on their experience with some of these travel ready rods.

Some of the rods that were getting positive reviews were Orvis Frequent Flyer, Cabelas Stowaway and Winston Lt. It appears that these rods are capable of punching out long and accurate casts just like a traditional fly rod. It appears that these travel fly rods are forgiving, sensitive and are deadly accurate.

Travel fly rods have become very affordable and manufacturers have greatly improved their performance. What is so perfect about these travel size fly rods is that they will break down into about 5 to 7 pieces which makes them extremely portable and perfect for the traveling angler.

These rods come with their own travel tube or bag and will fit into any backpack, saddlebag or even your carry on luggage which makes it an ideal rod when you are spending a weekend backpacking or going on vacation.

If you’re considering getting a new freshwater or saltwater fly fishing rod you should definitely consider looking at some of these travel fly rods that are on the market today. They are extremely portable which makes it the ideal fly rod of choose for the traveling fly fisherman.