My kids can pee in their car with the “Travel John” Junior


The sign in front reads “Last Rest Area For 10 Miles.” I look to the back and ask, “Kids? Anyone need to use the toilet?” Parents know the story: When the kids suddenly have to go, they insist that they don’t have until the rest stop is cleared. They can’t keep it together any longer. You have to clean up after them. It’s not pretty. It used to happen to me whenever my family went on a road trip. My wife found the $10 Travel John Jr. portable toilet.

The Travel John Jr. is a disposable plastic travel spray bottle bag that your children can use to urinate while on the move. The gel at the bottom functions like a diaper’s absorbent portion. The top is a hard plastic ring that prevents stray stream and is shaped so it can be used with any equipment your children may use. It’s so simple yet so powerful. It is our generation’s Theory of Relativity. It’s a life-changing tool.

The Best Travel John Strollers

My boys are unable to reliably reach the toilet bowl’s interior on a good day craigslist toledo. They have managed to open the Travel John Jr. every time they were in a moving vehicle, even though it was strapped up. Even though it might seem awkward to take a leak in your bag at 70 mph in front of your family, we have found that it is a very shameful endeavor. Children are grateful that they don’t have the bag anymore and everyone else is happy to not have to clean up after an accident. You could even end up stopping for another 15 minutes.

The Travel John Jr. can hold 21 ounces of liquid, which is enough for me to carry a full bladder from my children. It’s meant to be used until full so that you can have at least two children use it. It’s a bit gross, and we haven’t used it, but that’s okay.

The name suggests that there’s also a Travel John for adults, rated at 28 ounces. Based on my field research, I found that the Jr. can eat a full meal of grownup whizz without breaking any sweat.

The Travel John Jr. doesn’t lock shut. That’s my only concern. Although the pee has been soaked in gel balls and there have yet to be a spillage, it is still a little alarming to drive with an open urine bag on the passenger side floor. I recommend that you keep some plastic grocery bags in your car to tie up your Travel Johns until you get to the next pit stop.