The Biggest Rip Off in “Travel Toilet Paper”


Toilet paper is almost as important as water and food. Not all places have TP available on demand. This is the case in many places in South America and the wilderness. As I discovered during the Lares Trek (3-day trek in high altitude Cusco, Peru), leaves don’t cut it.This is where “travel toilet paper” comes in. It doesn’t.

Toilet paper is toilet paper that does not have a cardboard cylinder in its middle. It also comes at rip-off prices. The toilet paper without the cardboard is more compact, so it’s easier to take with you. You might not have to carry an extra half-ounce of toilet paper in your travel bag if you don’t have any cardboard.

Even though the travel toilet paper may save some space, I still think it’s not worth it.

Buy normal toilet paper and save $1.20 per roll You can easily make your own travel paper by simply removing the cardboard from the paper. You could also tear out your regular toilet paper and fold it up to put in a sandwich bag.

Compactness is the only thing that would make travel toilet paper appealing. It might be nice to have compact toilet paper but is it really worth spending an extra dollar for a roll without the cardboard cylinder?

In South America and other parts of Asia, $1 can get you a lot. One fifth of a 3-course touristy meal in Puno Peru could be purchased. In Yogyakarta (Indonesia), you could purchase a large bowl of soup. You can save money on toilet paper and still enjoy delicious local food while you travel.

Fortunately, Coleman toilet paper is manufactured in the USA.

These are the Top 3 Benefits and Drawbacks of Premium Travel Toilet Paper

The way we use our bathroom has changed dramatically since the Grecian era. Premium toilet paper is now available, instead of using clay and stones. Although you probably don’t mind it, it is likely to have some impact on your health. It is a major factor in your health.

Many people are concerned about the use of toilet paper. You might be surprised at the details that could make you reconsider. Its positive side is still an important matter. Here are the pros and cons of this hygienic tool.

Consumer Perspective

Equipment wipes are a good option if you want to save money on your water bills. This is a great option for those places that don’t have access to water. It is much easier to use than other options and it can be disposed of easily.