Visiting Malang? Check Out These Incredible Temples


Every travel experience is different. It doesn’t matter if you are visiting somewhere for the first time or if you have been there time and time again. There is always something new to discover. Something new to learn. To see. To experience. This is true of any travel destination…even Malang. The Indonesian city is popular thanks to its rich historical significance and incredible scenery. It is also well known for its temples. There are several in and around the city. Each one is worthy of a visit. Are you going to visit Malang on your next vacation? Then be sure to check out one (or all) of these incredible temples.

Be Sure To Go And See The Singosari Temple. Your vacation is just beginning. After you have booked your hotel room on and have planned your stay at the Swiss Belinn Malang, it is time to start thinking temples. There are many different temples in the area. Perhaps the most popular and most visited is the Singosari Temple. It is less than 10km away from Malang – making it easily accessible to visitors. The temple itself is a beautiful Hindu temple dating all the way back to 1300AD. It faces northwest towards Mount Arjuno and has links to the historical kingdom of Singhasari. The temple itself is impressive – and is likely to be a highlight out of all your travel photos. There are also significant aspects of the temple to admire. Like the statue of Shiva as Batara Guru and the dvarapalas (door gates or guardians) by the royal cemeteries.


Spend Some Time At The Incredible Badut Temple. There is another gorgeous temple to add to your travel itinerary. It is the Badut Temple. This is located in the village of Karang Besuki (which is a sub district of Malang). The style of this temple is distinctly Javanese Shiva and can be dated back to the 9th century. What makes it so unique? The temple stands 508 metres above sea level…and the area is actually surrounded by mountains. It’s true! There is Mount Semeru to the east of the temple, Mount Arjuna to the west, Mount Tengger to the north, and Mount Kawi to the south. That means you can expect some seriously incredible views wherever you are.  Untitled

Go And Visit The Beautiful Sumberawan Temple. Sometimes? A view can take your breath away. A simple sight can make you feel speechless. That is exactly what will happen when your gaze falls upon the Sumberawan Temple. It is truly something to be seen. This is a relatively small temple at the foot of Mount Arjuno. However the grounds are spectacular. You can walk through the rice terraces, see the canals, and fall in love with the bamboo trees. There is also beautiful shrubbery and fantastic landscapes to explore. The temple is smack dab in the middle of the forest. That means you can get in touch with nature, explore this incredible temple, and have the vacation of a lifetime. Not a bad way to spend a day in Malang.