Why Is My Aircon Condenser Leaking Water

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Today, every home has one or two electrical appliances that need to be repaired after a period of time. Equipment can be repaired without disassembling; depending on the equipment, they also need to be inspected by a professional after a set period of time. If you have air conditioning in your home, it may leak accidentally.

You don’t have to be an air conditioning expert to recognize this. The best thing is that if you live in Singapore and the surrounding area, you can find a professional with this type of equipment just by making a phone call. A Singapore air conditioning repair company can determine the cause of your air conditioning condenser leak problem.They include;

The pump is broken

This is a common problem that may need to happen to condensers. To determine if this is the case before contacting an air conditioning repair specialist, try pouring large amounts of water into the pan. The pump should be able to pump out excess water. If not, it’s time you should be called a professional. 

Poor installation

This may be the cause of an obvious water leak in the air conditioner. If the installation method is charged small, the air conditioning condenser will leak. For example, if the pump is not tightened properly, too much pressure in the pump can cause a leak. The condenser unit also needs to be at the correct level. The air conditioning vent should always be open, as closing it can cause excessive pressure, which can lead to leakage.

Close the drain hole

Condensers usually have drainage holes, which can usually drain water from the device. If debris continues to accumulate, it will become a barrier in the tube, causing it to penetrate into unwanted places. Be sure to check if the pipes are clogged. You can try deleting it, if this does not provide an immediate solution, AirCon experts will help. 

The outside temperature is too cold

If the outside temperature exceeds the cold, this can cause the amount of water in the device to increase. Due to the cold outside temperature, this formed water will not evaporate normally, leading to accidental accumulation. This may take a few minutes to disappear, especially when your air conditioner is hot.

Air leak

If the air conditioner seal is not tightened properly, unexpected hot air may leak into the device. Then the warm air will force the moisture to condense immediately. It meets cold air.

If the warm air is not enough, this may not cause the air conditioning condenser to leak. If it enters forcibly, concentrated moisture will get to the bottom of the equipment and cause a leak. To avoid this, you need to re-close any open parts of the device.

It is also wise to understand that trying to do air conditioning repairs yourself can cause a lot of problems. The best way is to find an aircondservicing company in Singapore, which will save you from this temporary problem.