A Wicker trunk for decorating and storage

Home Improvement

Many people have great ideas, but they don’t take action because they aren’t sure of themselves. Or they need someone to help them see the bigger picture. Wicker storage trunks are a great way to improve the decor of your home and to add that extra piece of furniture you need to keep it clean and tidy. Wicker Warehouse Wicker Trunks was founded in the year 1978 by a family-owned company. We’ve been hard at work since then to ensure you get top-quality products for a reasonable price. The majority of our products displayed here are our own designs produced by our partner factories.

Decorate With A Wicker Trunk

Wicker trunks are unique pieces of furniture that can be used as storage units, tables or decorations. A truck can serve multiple functions so it is important to consider how the furniture will be used in your home.

A wicker trunk can be used to decorate your living or TV room. As a coffee table and center piece, place it in front of your sofa. To ensure that glasses and dishes are safe, use a glass top to cover the coffee table. You can see through the glass to the wicker design.

A wicker trunk can be placed at the foot of a bedroom bed to serve as a blanket or sheet storage bin. The trunk can be placed at the foot of the bed to complement the decor.

To store toys, you can use it in the child’s bedroom. A wicker trunk can be added to a child’s bedroom to soften the atmosphere of solid woods and show your children how fine furniture is.

You can display trunks in your foyer as decorative pieces. You can also use them to store scarves, boots, and gloves.

Trunk Construction

Wicker trunks are usually made by hand with a wooden frame on which the wicker cane is woven. The frame is then stapled to the wicker trunk. The sides and lids of the trunk can have wood panels depending on the manufacturer. Each piece is a work of art because craftsmen carefully weave the cane. You can store clothes and other items with air circulation in trunks that have woven panels. Wood-lined trunks are stronger than non-wooden ones and can store heavier or more difficult items that don’t require air.

You can store clothes, toys and books in wood-lined trunks. To allow air to flow, choose a trunk that isn’t wood lined. If the trunk is being used for storage or children’s play, we recommend a wood-lined trunk. If you don’t take care when loading your cane into an unlined trunk, it can break or crack.


There are many sizes and styles of wicker trunks. Wall panels are usually woven with single over-under weaving. To complement the trunk shape, the borders and edges of trunk lids and trunk walls have a rolled twist pattern. This is what we call a roll. It’s a combination of multiple layers of twist cane placed side-by-side. To offer desirable characteristics, you can make the trunk with either rectangular or round feet.

Modern wicker trunks feature a two-way opening. The lid opens like a traditional storage trunk, and the two doors along the sides of the panel allow access to the interior. Two-way access trunks are ideal for coffee tables because you can access the inside of the trunk by using the side doors.


Accessories can be added to trunks by the manufacturer to enhance their functionality and appearance. You can add metal latches and handles to give your trunk a unique look.

Some of the most common styles names are:

  • Hampton Bay
  • Florentine
  • Bombay


This article explains how to decorate your home’s different rooms with wicker trunks. This article discussed how a wicker trunk can be crafted from wood frames, panels and cane. It can have different designs and uses. Wicker cane is weaved and twisted into unique designs. You can use trunks for storage, coffee tables, or as decor items.