Why a Heat Pump is Better than an AC

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Singapore’s hot climate requires homeowners to invest in cooling systems that are powerful yet energy-efficient, keeping their homes comfortable without breaking the bank. But which cooling system works best for New Jersey’s climate and conditions? Heat pumps have become increasingly popular among Jersey homeowners looking to save money on HVAC system expenses. Many also upgrade when replacing central AC. AIRCONMAN.SG, an excellent aircon servicing company based in Singapore, specializes in air Conditioning servicing as well as best aircon servicing company singapore has to offer.

Let’s compare heat pumps (including ductless mini split heat pumps) and central AC to help you determine which option is best suited for your Cherry Hill, Mount Laurel or Haddonfield home.

What is the Difference between Heat Pumps and Air Conditioning Systems?

It may come as a shock that heat pumps and air conditioners both function similarly in summer. Both keep your home comfortable by moving heat through a refrigerant pipe from one place (inside) to another.

Heat pumps and air conditioners differ in that they feature heating modes. In this mode, heat is extracted from the outdoors air and brought indoors to warm you up in wintertime. Heat pumps also serve as year-round HVAC solutions, allowing them to cool you off in summer months as well.

How are central ACs, heat pumps, and mini-splits installed?

Central air conditioner systems consist of an outdoor unit and indoor air handler. These provide conditioned air to your home through vents attached to the system.

Ducted heat pumps are also set up similarly. The indoor air handler connects to your ductwork and provides comfortable, conditioned air much like central AC does.

Mini-splits that aren’t ductless differ in that they have both indoor and outdoor components. However, the indoor component is a cassette installed directly in the desired room or space – no need for ductwork! If you’re struggling to keep certain rooms or spaces comfortable in your home, a mini-split could be an ideal solution. Plus, with zoned comfort settings controlled from the cassette controller, you can provide even heating or cooling throughout different parts of your Jersey house.

Are heat pumps more costly than air conditioners?

Heat pumps offer both heating and cooling, making them more costly than central air conditioners. However, they can be used year-round for energy savings. There are various models of heat pumps, mini-splits, and central air conditioners available; your choice will determine your total cost.

One major advantage of heat pumps is their energy-saving capabilities–particularly during heating mode when compared to furnaces, boilers or electric resistance heating. This will enable you to save money each month on cooling and heating expenses.

When is the ideal time to upgrade to heat pumps?

When considering when to replace your central AC system with a heatpump, there are several factors to consider.

  • Your central AC’s age
  • Your budget regardless of ductwork situation
  • Current energy bills
  • Eligible rebate amounts