FBO Profile “Fontainebleau Aviation”


Private aviation is a prominent part of the luxury lifestyle. However, Fontainebleau Aviation in Florida has taken the time to embrace almost all aspects of this lifestyle. It was founded more than 30 years ago as Turnberry Aviation. This flight department was for the Fontainebleau family, which also owns other luxury properties in the area. It became a full-service FBO last year and adopted the name of its sister. One of three field service providers, the facility sits on a 52-acre leasehold. It has nine hangars covering 280,000 sq. ft. There are 70 turbine-powered private aircraft, ranging from an A319 to an Eclipse. The owner still has his flight department which includes two jets as well as two turboprops.

Modern, two-story terminal 10 times larger than the “southside” terminal it replaced. The lobby is 1,500 square feet and serves as a hub for charter broker Jetsmarter flights. The terminal has a 12,000-sq.ft arrivals/departures canopy and an eight-seat conference room with ramp views upstairs. There is also a 40-person training area, which is all A/V-equipped. The pilots lounge has its own A/V-equipped meeting area, four private Fontainebleau Aviation snooze areas, a flight planning space, and a swipe-and go “micro-market” that Hangar 1 provides. U.S. Customs can be reached at the airport between 9am and midnight seven days a semaine. However, with prior notice Fontainebleau staff can arrange for processing of earlier flights.

One third of the airport’s business is claimed by the FBO, which is a Paragon FBO Network member and an exclusive property of the Corporate Aircraft Association. The facility’s NATA Safety 1st-trained staff pumped over five million gallons fuel from its tank farm. It has a capacity for 32,000 gallons jet-A and 12,000 Gallons of avgas. The Phillips 66-branded FBO serves customers with four jet fuel tankers of 5,000 gallons and two avgas refuelers.


Line service technicians handle fueling, plane concierges conduct ramp marshaling and liaison with crew members for any aircraft-related service, and CSRs staff the service desk. FBO will soon launch a new lobby ambassador fontainebleau to assist customers with their reservations. Bobby Courtney, vice president of aviation and general manager of FBO, stated that “when it comes to our customers and our service philosophy,” he believes we must all work together as a team to provide unparalleled support for our clients. “Our customers should feel safe in what we do. Our job is to provide premium, safe, efficient service. The location has 80 employees and offers in-house aircraft servicing by Precision Aircraft Maintenance.