How to Visit Rainbow Village in Taichung (Taiwan)


Rainbow Village, a charming settlement in Taichung’s Nantun District, is renowned for its vibrantly painted streets and houses. A great destination to visit and one of Taiwan’s most vibrant spots, Rainbow Village truly stands out.

In his efforts to save his village, Grandpa created Rainbow Village. The inspiring story behind its creation is just as inspiring as the walk through this vibrant community filled with colour. We want to share every detail of our trip – including how to reach Rainbow Village and our chance to meet Grandpa – with you.

Rainbow Village Taichung

The story behind Rainbow Village is just as inspiring as its vibrant streets. Originally called Caihongjuan Village, it was constructed to support veteran soldiers and contained 1,200 homes. Over time, developers wanted to purchase these properties and demolish it; however, one resident, Mr Huang, refused to move. This has earned the village a place of inspiration in many hearts across Taiwan.

In response, Grandpa began painting his house with images of comic characters and animals. Neighbours asked him to do the same for their houses as well, ultimately leading to the salvation of Rainbow Village by 11 original homes – all depicting grandpa’s fight for his village.

The founder: Grandpa and Mr. Huang

Rainbow Village is run by Mr Huang or Grandpa. He served in the Republic of China army before fleeing to Taiwan during WWII. Even at 96 years old, Grandpa still lives and paints, often seen at his shop where he proudly displays copies of his artwork for visitors to admire.

On our morning visit, we had the privilege of meeting Grandpa face-to-face. It was truly an incredible experience to witness his warm embrace.

How to get to Rainbow Village

Rainbow Village can also be visited in Taichung or on a day trip from Taipei.

How to get from Taipei to Rainbow Village

Taichung-Taipei High-Speed Rail is the preferred method of traveling between these two cities. From Taipei Main Station, Banqiao, or Nangang stations it takes around 40 minutes to arrive at either destination.

Rainbow Village is easily reachable from Taichung High-Speed Railway Station by taxi/Uber or walking.

Taxi/Uber: $NT150/$NT200 with an approximate travel time of 10 minutes

Walking Time: 45 minutes

Bus: Take Taichung bus 26, 70, or Zhonglu bus 99 from the bus bay on the station’s ground floor. Bus 56 departs from Xinwuri Station nearby while bus 655 heading towards Gaoemi Wetlands departs Xinwuri Station weekends and holidays and stops right outside Rainbow Village.

How to get from Taichung to Rainbow Village

From Central Taichung, you can quickly and easily get to Rainbow Village by bus or taxi:

  • Taxi/Uber: $NT250/$NT300; Journey Time 30 Min
  • Bus: Buses leave directly from Taichung Station (the city’s main station). You can take Bus 27, 40 or 40 to Lin Tung University – the journey taking approximately 60 minutes. Afterward, you’ll have to walk an additional 5-10 minutes to Rainbow Village.
  • Combining the Rainbow Village Tour with Goemei Wetlands is an unforgettable experience.
  • This tidal flat is renowned for its breathtaking sunsets and abundant wildlife.
  • Rainbow Village Hours of Operation

At present, Rainbow Village is open daily from 8am to 6pm.

What is the cost of Rainbow Village?

Rainbow Village is welcoming to everyone. You can show your support by purchasing souvenirs or making a donation.

Rainbow Village: Tips

Rainbow Village is one of Taichung’s most charming destinations. Here are our tips to help you make the most of your visit:

Visits to Rainbow Village are short, with only 11 houses to explore. We spent an hour wandering around the village, snapping photos and admiring its vibrant paintings.

If possible, start your day off right by rising early in the morning.

Instagrammers love Rainbow Village for taking stunning photos! Be sure to be there at opening, as tour buses can cause traffic jams inside. The first tour arrived 30 minutes after the village opened!

On weekdays, you can visit us.

If possible, visit Rainbow Village during a weekday. On sunny days it can become very crowded in the village so we were glad to leave early.

Grandpa is often in the area

Be on the lookout for Grandpa and make sure to meet him!

Food and souvenirs

In the village, you can purchase light snacks and drinks. Be sure to pick up one of our iconic Rainbow Village coffee cups!

At the village shop, souvenirs such as prints and umbrellas can be purchased. We were especially thrilled to pick up some amazing stickers for our travel journal!