Top Asia travel experiences


Southeast Asia and India are renowned for their low living costs, interesting Buddhist cultures, and relaxed rural lifestyles. The recent boom in regional airline services makes it easier to travel around these areas. Often, the neighbouring countries of Vietnam and Laos, Cambodia, are visited together with Thailand, which is more traveller-friendly.

The majestic Himalaya Mountains arc through Asia. They shelter little-visited mountain kingdoms, provide world-class treks in Nepal and Bhutan (China), Pakistan, and Northern India. When selecting tours for Intakt reisen, we always consider a coherent concept. It is important to have a local guide and accommodation.

Asia is home to three of the most endangered species in the world: the tiger and panda, as well as the orang-utan. These species are not the only ones that Asia has to offer. The teeming rainforests in Malaysia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and the island on Borneo harbor species that science is still unsure of. There are also opportunities to stay with Asia’s hunter/gatherer tribes.

Asia is a fascinating mix of cuisines, religions, and cultures that has much to offer travelers. These are some ideas for starters

The Trans Siberian Railway is Russia. This epic six-day trip from Moscow to Beijing or Vladivostok on a train is one of the best ways to see Siberia. Bring a book to read and be prepared to share a lot of vodka and tea with your fellow passengers. Outside your window, Europe becomes Asia.
Luang Prabang is a laidback town in Laos that sits on the banks the Mekong River. Here you can see orange-robed monks roaming among the temples and shop for local crafts. You can also take a cooking class and enjoy the leftovers with a cold Beer Lao.
Stay in a tribal longhouse in Borneo to get an insider’s view of tribal life. A stay with a local family will include homecooking and jungle walks, as well as a little singing.
Enjoy a city break in Istanbul Turkey. East meets West, Europe meets Asia. The Bosphorus runs through Istanbul and divides the continents at this most beautiful of locations.
Trek to Everest Base Camp in Nepal – While the summit may be reserved for a select few (and rich) mountaineers, anyone can make the incredible trek to the base the highest mountain on the planet.
The Taj Mahal, India, a monument to true love, sculpted in granite, is an incredible travel attraction. See it before the crowds arrive.
Explore the backwaters of Kerala by taking a old rice barge to cruise the tranquil waters of southern India. Enjoy delicious veggie cuisine, observe fishermen fishing and just let the world go by.
China: Meet a Panda – Although becoming less common, pandas can still be seen in China. For guaranteed sightings, visit the Chengdu research center. For more adventure and the chance to encounter wild pandas, trek into the Qinling Mountains of Sichuan.
Explore Angkor, Cambodia – this temple complex is huge. You should visit the main structures of Angkor Wat, including the Bayon temple’s big stone heads. But take time to explore the more remote sites.
Cruise Halong Bay, Vietnam on a traditional junkboat and enjoy floating among the fishing villages and karst islands of northern Vietnam. You can also try world-class rock climbing for adrenalin junkies.