What to Think About When You Are Travelling Out of the Country

It is always incredibly exciting to go on a trip, especially on a trip that is out of the country. Generally, when you are travelling overseas, you like to make it worth your while, so you plan on at least a week long trip, sometimes even longer. If you are going on a trip for a week or more, you have to bring enough clothes and personal items so that you actually have things to wear.

It can feel a bit overwhelming initially when trying to determine what to bring and what you should leave. This can be a simple problem to solve with asking yourself the right questions and doing some basic research to figure out what the weather will be like and which places you are likely going to visit.

Making a Game Plan

Like with any good trip, you have to have a rough plan. Determining what you are going to do and where you want to visit is important when travelling overseas. Make a list of places you want to go and see where they are in relation to where you are staying. Gather hours and prices to determine if they will even be open while you are visiting. Once you have a rough idea, you can begin to fill in the blanks of the types of clothes and things you will want to bring.


Another factor to consider prior to packing is what the weather will be like. If you are planning mostly outdoor activities, bring clothes that will be suited for the weather. Also prepare for any rain or poor weather conditions, by bringing a light raincoat or whatever other gear you may need. Perhaps have some alternate plans in case the weather is bad. Make sure to have a good mixture of indoor and outdoor activities.

Tech Gear

Outlets may be different in the country you are visiting. Make sure to bring an adapter with you; and make sure you have the correct type of adapter. Other tech gear you may want to bring is your computer, tablet, and phone. Make sure to pack the chargers for each. Also use Velcro cable wraps to tie up any cables that you may need.


You may find yourself eager to bring books and computer and cables and chargers. While all of this is fine and it is totally normal to take some of these items, make sure that you are bringing things you are realistically going to you. Often times on big trips like these, people make big plans to read and write and do things on their computer, but then they end up spending the entire time travelling through the city.

That is obviously a good thing that means you are enjoying your time. Be stingy with what you are actually taking with you. You may want to bring multiple books, maybe just bring one instead. You may not need everyone in your family to bring a tablet or a computer and all of the cables that go with them. Consider bringing only one of each.


When travelling overseas, you likely do not have a ton of room to spare, nor an unlimited weight allowance. Many airlines are incredibly strict about weight limits on the bags and will charge you extra for going over. Toiletries can weigh a ton and be bulky and take up lots of space. Consider buying shampoo, conditioner, and body wash where you are visiting.

Also try to avoid bringing multiple hair accessories like hair dryers, curling irons, and flat irons. They are heavy, take up a lot of space, and their cables can get tangled with all of the other things you are packing. Bring the one you think you will use most frequently.

Being Smart With Packing for a Trip Overseas

When you are travelling overseas, you will really want to make sure that you are being wise with the limited space that you have. Try to avoid packing to the brim of your suitcase. You will likely want to buy some souvenirs and if you over pack early on you will not have the space or the weight availability to add anything extra.

Make sure you bring the essentials, bring the things you absolutely need, not just the things you might want to use. Remember, you can get things when you travel, so try and avoid packing large bottles of shampoo and body wash.