How to Start an Online Travel Agency

Travel Agents

You should have a passion to travel and be able to share your personal experience in the business.

It is not necessary to have extensive travel knowledge, but it is helpful to sell travel if there are some travel miles. Some Online Travel Agency prefer to focus on cruises while others specialize in all-inclusive resorts. Dream Vacations recommends that you begin with a specific travel niche to learn more about other areas of expertise if you don’t have a lot of experience. You should also be prepared to research itineraries you’re unfamiliar with. As a franchisee, you have access to other resources that will help you expand your knowledge quickly so you can help more people plan their dream vacations.

You can tap into the skills needed to become a successful remote Online Travel Agency

To be a successful travel agent, you must have both organizational skills as well as the patience to persevere. To be a successful travel agent from home, you will need to have self-motivation. You also need to set realistic hours so you aren’t working 24 hours a day. Your clients need to know that you are available when they need. You might have to shift your schedule from 11 a.m. up to 8 p.m. in order to meet clients after work, or accommodate certain time zones.

Use Online Travel Agency technology to find a calm space.

One Dream Vacations agent claims that two computers are better than one. He can view multiple screens at the same time and has the ability to run the Cruise Control booking system. You can also use mobile apps on your smartphone to stay productive beyond the office walls. He also suggests that agents have their own office space, so that they can work without interruptions from family or home.

Don’t be afraid to take action.

Attention to detail is about following up with clients at each stage, from initial lead inquiry to post-vacation feedback. Get back to the customer who is interested in a trip with new pricing and other suggestions. To anticipate any other requirements that a customer might have, follow-up if a booking has been made.

“This can include booking additional components that the client may not be aware of, or ready to for at the time they book–such as airfares, shore excursions, hotels or transfers,” Trapper Martin in Orlando, Fla., Dream Vacations franchise owner.

It is important to check that the client’s trip went according to plan and to see if they are interested booking their next trip.

Martin stated that there is a self-funded promotion that offers cruise bookings additional onboard credit. This will be for sailings occurring in the next 18months. “There’s no reason to book another trip, and give them value at the time.

Make a business plan.

Friends and family are great first customers. However, you need a plan to grow your client base beyond your first few bookings. Take a look at the strong connections you have with travel agencies and groups. To broaden your customer base, think about how you will present yourself to new clients.

Martin stated, “I always tell potential associates or franchisees to compile a list to 100 people you think you’ll announce this to once your bookings are complete.”

You can’t pretend to be an expert on all types of travel right away, but you can promise to do research and to tap into the knowledge of the corporate office to offer customers the best options.

BONUS! Get the Perks

Your passion for travel is probably the most important reason you were interested in opening your own agency. Dream Vacations franchisees have the chance to enjoy special events that allow them to travel around the world, such as charter river cruises and summits at all-inclusive resorts. Plus, they receive discounts on their own travel. Your opportunities grow as you get more experience. You might be eligible to receive perks such as priority registration at regional trainings and summit events and paid tickets to the national conferences as your sales grows. You may also receive additional marketing dollars to promote your brand.

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